Get into Monirath’s freaky-chic sculptural jewelry

Turn your ears into art.

July 17, 2018

There's levels to statement jewelry, and Australian jewelry line Monirath is at the very top. Designed and hand-crafted by Mollika Prak, Monirath creates sculptural pieces that pack a punch — think layered mirrors, intergalatic helixes, and chandelier earrings with letters that dangle to spell out S-E-X. The experimental jewelry came to be as Prak grew more and more bored from contemporary jewelry, feeling that most of today's designers were playing it too safe by focusing intensely on trends.


"What happened to originality? Everyone is too busy hopping on the trend bandwagon," she said earlier this year in an interview with PAPER. "Yes, it sells. But what happened to making art?" There's no denying that Monirath's designs are envelope-pushing, and her skill lies in her ability to create conceptual pieces that stand out all while exuding an unmistakable elegance. Peep some gems below, and find Monirath's full collection on its webstore.


Thumbnail via Monirath's Instagram.