“Told You” is the perfect song to mob to with your friends

D Brooks Exclusive brings together a new wave of Chicago with this summery hit.

July 19, 2018

A few weeks ago, Chicago producer D Brooks Exclusive dropped off the gift that is “This And That,” a catchy-ass summer hit featuring Valee, King Louie, and up-and-comer KD Young Cocky. The track brings together different rap waves in the city (and sounds damn good doing it) making it that song you’ll hear blasting out of multiple car windows on a nice day in the greater Chicago area.


Today, Brooks brings together a few more of his city’s rising talents for “Told You,” the kind of song you play on a summer night, when the energy is bright, and you’re in the mood to mob with your friends. The song and video, premiering on The FADER, features Calboy and regular D Brooks collaborator KD Young Cocky. “Brooks and KD Got a real vibe in the lab,” Calboy shared with The FADER over email. “It was destiny [that] we make a hit and I feel we did. That’s what makes us new wave of Chicago.” KD chimed in about the making of the track as well, saying that his ”goal is to bring Chicago together. I had heard of Calboy a while back from DJ Victoriouz. I invited him over to my grandmothers house where me and Brooks had been recording and we all instantly clicked.”

Watch the video for “Told You” above, and check out more from Calboy, KD Young Cocky, and D Brooks Exclusive.

“Told You” is the perfect song to mob to with your friends