Watch Shiggy try to get his $250K from Drake

An internet rumor claimed Drake paid Shiggy a quarter mil for starting the “In My Feelings” challenge, and the two joked about it on camera.

July 25, 2018

Drake's Scorpion track "In My Feelings" is a No. 1 hit, and internet comedian @TheShiggyShow had a huge role in that for starting the viral dance trend "#InMyFeelingsChallenge" or "#DoTheShiggy." Drake has publicly said as much, and as the song's popularity grew, rumors began to spread online that Shiggy had collected $250,000 for starting the dance.


On Wednesday morning, Drake and Shiggy had some fun with the gossip in a new Instagram video. In the clip, streaming above, Shiggy asks Drake if he started the rumor, and when his money will be coming. It's on the way, says Drake, who plays the role of a shifty debtor: "When you send out a wire, it can be like seven or ten days," he says. "I got you though." Watch above.

Watch Shiggy try to get his $250K from Drake