Tracee Ellis Ross does chic summer style better than anyone

7 times the Black-ish actress gave our summer style a run for its money.

July 25, 2018


Tracee Ellis Ross looks hot as hell all year round, but her summer style has been off the charts. The FADER social team realized just how absurdly good she looks on a regular basis, which inspired a deeper dive into her summer sartorial flair. The star's looks oscillate between ultra-glam and breezy casual, and truly schools us at every turn. Just look at her poolside, oversized hat and try to tell me otherwise. Peep below for more of her stand-out summertime fits, and get inspired.

1. Human glow stick

I dare you to name one other person who looks this good wearing what is for all intents and purposes, a bag. She nails what is a challenging silhouette at best, and is insanely on-trend with it too, sporting highlighter bright colors and a netted handbag.

2. Statement earrings

I'm no scientist, but this earring is probably big enough to generate solar power for a small Northeastern town. Please note that Tracee is wearing only one massive earring, a sign of her power.


3. Our Lady In Waiting

I'm not sure what the occasion is for this elegant Parisian fit, but it goes to show that Miss Ross has the sartorial range. She looks just as killer in the Rich White Woman staples of tweed and a quilted Chanel bag as she does in her highlighter sack. Versatility!

4. Vacation steez

Most people wear a throwaway oversized shirt as a beach cover-up, but Tracee is above that typical shit. Her multi-colored, patterned robe is aspirational, helping us fully realize what beachwear can be, and for that I thank her.


5. Clashing? Never heard of her.

Tracee puts her boldness on full-blast, pairing two show-stopping pieces together — a sheer, delicate lace top and cheetah-print culottes — like it's jeans and a white shirt.

6. Pink eye (the good kind)

She loves her highlighter colors, and brings the vibrancy to her eyes with a refreshing summertime departure from black eyeliner.


7. A patterned queen

Her love of fluorescent shades strikes again! Tracee nails a breezy, summer day look with a demure, puff-sleeved maxi dress that's livened up by with an acid-yellow polka dots and sleek, all black accessories.

Thumbnail via Tracee Ellis Ross's Instagram.

Tracee Ellis Ross does chic summer style better than anyone