JIL rules, and here’s the proof

Soulful tunes that sound like transmissions from outer-space.

July 26, 2018


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Who are they?

Name: JIL
Style: Soulful tunes that sound like transmissions from outer space
Location: New York

Why should I listen?

JIL's whole schitck is that they want to remain anonymous. There are barely any pictures of them, and their music videos rarely feature the trio. If they do appear in their visuals, their faces are covered by surgical masks. When I saw them live they were wearing masks and those white jumpsuits that painters wear. I don't know how long the anonymity thing will work, seeing as the group just released their very good debut album Emotional Heat 4A Cold Generation.

The group makes low-key, spacey beats that serve as the perfect compliment to their lead singer's velvety voice. To give you a bit of a vibe, here are some activities I think would be fun to do while listening to JIL:
1. Smoking a blunt
2. Driving at night on the open road by yourself
3. Locking eyes with a cutie on the other side of the room at a crowded party
4. Walking home at like 6 a.m. after a long night of dancing

Where should I start?

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JIL rules, and here’s the proof