Watch Jessie Reyez’s picturesque “Apple Juice” video

It looks like the best vacation ever.

July 27, 2018

Maybe you didn't have a great vacation this summer. It might be a bummer, but Canada's Jessie Reyez has kind of got you covered. The video for her soulful single "Apple Juice," which is premiering on The FADER today, is a sepia-toned montage of a trip to Nice/the French Riviera where the water is sparkly and everything is beautiful. The clip was directed by Phillip Harris and it makes the song, which was produced by Fred Ball, sound a lot sadder somehow — in a good way!


In an email, Reyez explained how the song got its catchy name.

<p>I'm was in Montreal playing for like 30,000 people, probably one of the biggest shows I've ever done, and I was telling them that I was gonna do these unreleased songs that I'd never performed live before. So I’m walking across the stage with a cup full of whiskey, Then I look out, and I'm like, “Uhh, it’s apple juice in my cup!” And I put the cup down and started the song. The next day I saw an article that said “She performed this really cool new song called Apple Juice,”</p> <p>I thought that was cool so I went to share it on Instagram and I put a poll up asking people, “What y’all think? Should I name the song ‘Gotta Love’ or ‘Apple Juice?’” Everybody likes apple juice apparently. </p>

Thumbnail image via Phillip Harris