7 ways to get transparent with your style

What’s the point in hiding?

July 27, 2018


Whether it's in the shady dealings on a governmental level, or the goings-on between friends, transparency is a concept that isn't practiced enough. No one said it was easy to be clear at all times, but it's a goal worth getting behind.

It feels like the collective yearning for the truth has swept into fashion — transparent fabrics and PVC-heavy clothing have been a hit all year, and during the summer, baring it all is a matter of logic. Whether it's expressed through rigid plastic-y pieces or through the decadence of sheer organza, the sartorial is reminding us that transparency isn't all that lofty of a goal. Below, you'll find a few ways to be clear with your clothing — the rest is up to you.

1. Classic nudes

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Venezuelan artist Arca is no stranger to letting it all hang out — when he's baring his heart through his gritty and warped beats and haunting singing, he's pushing the boundaries of fashion. A straightforward sheer top is the basic of transparent wear, and looks great with pants, testing tubes, and everything in between.


2. Show off that pedicure, and then some

Another easy way to get into transparency is through footwear. Toes already have full exposure in the summer months, and transparent footwear is the next level up. Footwear designer Nicole Saldana uses minimal PVC elements, so unlike the closed-toe PVC boots exhausted by the Kardashian sisters, sweaty foot fog won't ruin your look.

3. Glow with iridescence

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R&B duo Chloe x Halle have fun with their see-thru game, opting for a custom iridescent set from streetwear icons La Roxx that shimmers and plays with perception.


4. Sheer poise

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NYC designer Sandy Liang turns up the drama on her transparent dress by using elegant organza and intricate stitching.

5. That's Dr. Transparent to you

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Los Angeles line Brashy Studios finds inspiration in safety. Their completely clear PVC labcoat is where high school science class meets runway, and we're into it. Pair it with the line's clear safety goggles and you're all but guaranteed an A+ in your chemistry lab.


6. See-thru, then glo-up

Tracee Ellis Ross can do no wrong in our eyes, and her bright neon lace dress is an example of how to get super playful with transparency.

7. Nothing to hide here

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Remember when Hilary Duff got so much attention because the paparazzi caught her with a condom in her see-thru purse? Things were so wholesome back then. A see-thru mini backpack is born off the back of Hil's dated faux-pas, and no one does it better than NYC accessories brand Kara.

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7 ways to get transparent with your style