Prince Innocence and Harrison share “999,” a trip-hop throwback with depth

The Toronto duo’s Talvi Faustmann directs her band’s latest visuals.

August 01, 2018

Prince Innocence are a Toronto duo known for moody electronic pop, but "999," their new collaboration with producer Harrison, is the debut of a compelling new direction. The song's elegiac atmosphere is tempered with a groovy hook, its flourishes highlighting the strengths of the other sections, like a sunrise over an icy plain.


Today The FADER is premiering the song's music video, directed by Talvi Faustmann and starring her bandmate Josh McIntyre, Harrison, and Kat Duma. Faustmann herself returns to a quiet residential street, but the vibe feels more like a ghostly crime scene than a homecoming. Faustmann explained the clip's motivation over email: "For me, the suburbs and childhood are the source of some of my (and I think a lot of people’s) most potent memories because it’s this liminal transitional place before your life has really begun. They say reality is slightly altered in liminal spaces, which is maybe why we go back to those places in dreams so much.

"I wanted to make a video that dealt with the idea of memories and dreams and timelines not being linear. I wanted to play a character who is interacting with fragments of her past and memories that aren’t really able to see or acknowledge her."

Prince Innocence and Harrison share “999,” a trip-hop throwback with depth