Jevon is reborn in his biblical “Judas” video

Watch the London rapper’s new visual.

August 02, 2018

London rapper Jevon's "Judas" video sees him tackling fake friends and moving on to better things. The touching visual is premiering on The FADER today and matches the songs themes of betrayal and loyalty.


Directed by M.A. Swaleh, the "Judas" video begins with Jevon performing on top of the same long table Jesus would have eaten his last supper from. There's a disciple in his ear though, whispering and spreading a bad energy. "Why'd you wanna try switch sides on me?" Jevon asks over a light, airy beat. "Why'd you wanna try take my life from me?" The action then skips to a baptism scene as Jevon is submerged under the water.

Speaking via email, Jevon told The FADER that the video captures the dark side of friendships. "Sense of betrayal. People are ever changing. Always two sides. Redemption or salvation. Washing away our sins or hiding our fears?"

Jevon’s debut EP, also titled Judas, is out on September 21.
Jevon is reborn in his biblical “Judas” video