One Acen rules, and here’s the proof

The London rapper makes hook-filled party music for the summer.

August 02, 2018

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Who are they?

Name: One Acen
Style: Fun-filled U.K. rap to live your best life to.
Location: London.

Why should I listen?

Something strange is happening in London this summer. The weather has been abnormally warm, sending millions of temperate Brits to desperately seek either a steel fan or shade from the sun. Many have pointed to the ever-looming global warming for the sweaty conditions but I think it's comething else: the arrival of One Acen season.

Originally hailing from Tottenham in the north of the city, One Acen is a versatile rapper who is equally adept at delivering hooks for others. His latest single, "E I O," is an afro-swing ode to hooking up that sees him continue his fruitful relationship with fellow Londoner Hardy Caprio. The pair previously worked together Hardy's sun-kissed "Best Life." Queing one song up after another is the way forward, trust me.

Elsewhere One Acen has his priorities in order, understanding that all you need in life is love, a steady income, and a blue tick on Instagram. I'm going to put a cold cloth on my head and hit play on the videos below. Come, join the party.

Where should I start?


One Acen rules, and here’s the proof