Col3trane’s new double video is a trippy exploration of time

Watch the video for new singles “Fear & Loathing” and “Britney” now.

August 06, 2018

After releasing his debut mixtape Tsarina late last year, London artist Col3trane is now gearing up for his next project, BOOT ("Breathing Out Of Time"). Today the experimental pop artist presents the first two singles in the form of a time-warped, back-to-back visual.


Col3trane first announced the two tracks, "Fear & Loathing" and "Britney," on Twitter a few weeks ago: "the video is gonna come out first. i need you to live with the video." The video somewhat presents the tracks — both minimally produced and held together by the syrupy-warmth of Col3trane's vocals — as two-halves of a time-exploring narrative. Both take place in the dessert and the director, Oscar Hudson, plays with crazy perspectives in a way that gives the illusion of a glitch in the space-time continuum.

“Oscar [the director] really brought this idea to life," Col3trane wrote of the video via email. "He’s very talented. His process and attention to detail are crazy. He had the whole idea of making [the video] about two trips that merge into one. The song is really about being stuck in a place or a situation that is tough to get out of. I think the nature of the video makes it feel like a continuous loop.” Watch the double feature above as you wait for the tracks to drop on streaming platforms on August 10.

Col3trane’s new double video is a trippy exploration of time