Watch Coldhart’s strikingly somber new video for “Thru The Screen”

The gothic R&B ballad takes viewers on a split-screen journey of love and loss

August 07, 2018

Wish Me Well, a joint effort between Coldhart and fellow GothBoiClique member Yawns, has instantly become one of their most complete bodies of work. Made over the course of five days in New York City, the six-song project combines melodic elements of indie, new wave, hip-hop, and even doo-wop. Today, Coldhart and Yawns premiere their second music video off the project, this time for the fan favorite track, “Thru The Screen.”


“I wasn't sure if Coldy was feeling [the instrumental] at first, but he began writing to it and we ended up making the arrangement together,” Yawns told The FADER. “The song didn't come together until I sat down to start mixing the project.” The resulting percussion and guitar work sounds more like a four piece new-wave band than the work of a single digital producer.

In the melancholy video, directed by Stranged Haram, we follow a lone Coldhart adorned in a suit and black boots as he dances in front of blinding lights. Starting off in black and white, the visuals then shift to color, with Coldy holding flowers and pensively singing in the rain. He laughed as he told The FADER: “It was hot as hell in LA that day. I got a studio with a rain room cause I wanted to be on my goth R&B shit, and the water helped me cool off.”

Watch Coldhart’s strikingly somber new video for “Thru The Screen”