Drakeo The Ruler on upcoming trial: “Shit’s looking real real smooth”

The L.A. rapper is optimistic about his upcoming murder trial.

August 07, 2018

Drakeo The Ruler didn't sound too worried about his upcoming trial during a new interview with Passion Of The Weiss. "Shit's looking real real smooth," the L.A. rapper, who is currently charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and counts of conspiracy to commit murder, told the website.


Drakeo is charged in the murder of 24-year-old Davion Gregory on December 10, 2016, and is accused of plotting to kill South Central rapper Rodney Brown a.k.a. RJ. Speaking from prison ahead of an August 8 court appearance, Drakeo claimed there is no evidence putting him at the scene of the murder, and said RJ has posted on social media repeatedly denying that Drakeo was behind any attempt or plot on his life. "There’s all types of inconsistencies," Drakeo said about the state's case against him, which reportedly relies on the testimony of jailhouse informants.

The rapper believes police are targeting him because of his burgeoning rap career. "Where were the police at when I was only getting 1,000 views a video," Drakeo says. "They wasn’t fucking with me then. Now that I just made $70,000 last month, now they’re trying to come at me like I’m such a thief and a bad person."

Drakeo hopes to be released on bail following the case's preliminary hearings, which could last several weeks. If he beats the charges, he promises a prolific music output. "I’m gonna get out and do 10 mixtapes in three months," Drakeo says.