SoundCloud is bringing back comments on mobile

A new feedback interface has been introduced to the streaming platform’s app.

August 07, 2018

Users of SoundCloud's mobile app on iOS and Android will once again be able to comment on tracks, the streaming platform announced today in a press release.


The new comment system boasts more intuitive navigation and comment management. See it in action, and watch a video announcement with D.R.A.M. and Queen Naija here.

In their announcement SoundCloud also shared the top 10 most popular comments posted on the millions of audio files across the platform. Check out out below. They're a lot more heartwarming and constructive than what I would have assumed they'd be. Which is nice!

Most popular SoundCloud comments

1: "Nice"
2: "<3"
3: "good"
4: "dope"
5: "cool"
6 ": )"
7: "wow"
8: "awesome"
9: "great"
10: "sick"

Posted: August 07, 2018