Cardi B dyed her hair blue to match her new Lamborghini

The upper echelon of aesthetics.

August 10, 2018

Cardi B knows how to have fun with her life of luxury. The rapper recently came into a new Lamborghini and felt enough of a pull toward her latest Italian sports car that she dyed her hair to match it exactly. In an interview with Refinery 29 Cardi's longtime colorist Cliff Vmir spoke about the special job. "She did just get gifted a blue Lamborghini and she was like, 'Cliff, I gotta get that color,' and she was so happy," said Vmir. "I mixed together four different dyes and we got exactly the color she wanted." Offset also got a Lamborghini, and here's to hoping he dyes his hair lime green to follow suit.


Thumbnail via Cardi B's Instagram.