Watch Tatiana Heuman’s delightfully kooky new video

QEEI is out on August 31 via Astro Nautico.

August 14, 2018

Tatiana Heuman is a trip. The multidisciplinary Buenos Aires-based artist — she is equal parts producer, percussionist, and songwriter — takes everything you know about what a pop song should sound like and flips it, deconstructing layers of sound and vocals in a truly moving way. On "Quemó Tu Curuyú," a pounding single off her forthcoming QEEI album, Tatiana creates a soundscape that sounds like some not-too-distant future. In its video, a collaborative project between Maria Karpushina, Harm Coordes, and Tatiana herself, she offers an appropriately kooky journey, featuring a cotton candy machine, plenty of juicy fruit, and mind-melding graphics.


"Some time ago, last year, Harm already had had the great idea to work with Masha in a collaborative project. At that time we met in Berlin and we understood each other perfectly. I think this video was to realize tiny deep fantasies and fetish situations that I had in mind for a long time," she says. "20 percent was planning and the other 80 was experimenting. I definitely have something with fruits and sticky textures and objects; they delight me and give me happiness, that's a fact. But I think that also Masha [Maria Karpushina] and Harm [both directors of video ]were giving reality to their senses desires and that is how it worked so well."

Watch the video above.

Watch Tatiana Heuman’s delightfully kooky new video