TIN’s “Tender” is an oozy and intimate serenade

Listen to the newest track from the Brooklyn-based R&B artist.

August 14, 2018
TIN’s “Tender” is an oozy and intimate serenade Makeup by Keith LaFuente   Photo by Bao Ngo

R&B singer TIN’s got a voice like a cold ooze — rich and smooth, with an almost metallic sheen. You can hear it on his new song “Tender,” premiering today on The FADER. Written and produced by the Brooklyn-based, Vietnamese-American artist, the track’s about finding a true closeness with a love interest, in every way. “Tenderness is who I am / touching your cheek with the back of my hand / whisper your name in the desert sand / lovin’ so good it’s a wetland,” he croons on the hook.


When asked about the track over email, TIN shared that “the idea was born out of the lack of Asian representation in American love stories. Whenever we [do] get representation, our intimacy, sexuality, and emotions are still suppressed and underscored. This song is a story I've always fantasized about, where I'm the kind of lover you want to be with — I'm the dream you want to have.” Listen to “Tender” below.

TIN’s “Tender” is an oozy and intimate serenade