Model Man’s “Alone” is delicately euphoric

Watch the video for the U.K. duo’s new single, shot in Taiwan.

August 15, 2018

Model Man is a pair of brothers, Mark and Rob Brandon, who make nostalgic dance music. Their new single, "Alone," is premiering above alongside a video capturing an emotional ride for a young dance group in Taiwan's New Tapei City.


The multidisciplinary duo will release a series of 'City Songs' with "Alone" being the first of the collection. In the video we see what is known as a "Filial Daughter's band," a sort of professional mourning group who are hired to provide a spiritual service thought to help loved ones to pass over to the other side in a celebratory manner. Director Xiao-Wei Lu captures both the joy and the sorrow in equal measure.

Speaking to The FADER about the song, Model Man said: “We’ve immersed ourselves in U.K. dance music but buried inside the waveforms of Model Man you will always find a piano. Piano is the ​embodiment of the Model Man sound and on ‘Alone’ it’s layered in a pure mode to ​help us create the emotive musical peaks we’re always desiring.”

Model Man’s “Alone” is delicately euphoric