Play this song a million times and summer will never end

Listen to "Played Out” by Toronto newcomer Saya.

August 15, 2018
Play this song a million times and summer will never end Zhamak Fullad

I can't believe that summer's almost over. What a sneaky, wet, depressing-ass season this has been. Here's a nice little salve: Saya's "Played Out," an irresistible, uptempo tune with a crazy-danceable hook, from the Toronto singer's forthcoming Sugarcoated EP. You wouldn't know it immediately, but it's actually a break-up song: "I don't want you/ That's just how it played out," she sings, almost nonchalantly. So in addition to staving off your here-comes-autumn blues, let it soundtrack the end of a summer fling or something.


"The original demo sounded a bit slower with less production and an overall sadness. At the time I wrote it I was going through a tough break-up. A couple of days before I wrote the song, I had called my ex after a night out at 4a.m… we weren’t talking and I had some things I was bottling in that needed to come out. The next morning, I was just at a point where I had said what I needed to say and I did not want to apologize for the way I was feeling," Saya explains.

She adds: "The song basically highlights the series of conversations we had, with the direct words we exchanged. During the relationship I was still learning to love myself and there were many times where I allowed my ex to make me feel insignificant. I love this song because I watched it grow into something powerful and renewing in a sense. The song is a celebration of being able to accept that the relationship was done and being able to let it go."

Listen to the track below.

Saya's Sugarcoated EP drops September 6.
Play this song a million times and summer will never end