Everyone at 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s wedding brought the glitz

Tying the knot and turning out the looks.

August 20, 2018

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2 Chainz married his longtime girlfriend Kesha Ward over the weekend and it was the most glamorous wedding you weren't invited to. The party when down in Miami at the famed Versace Mansion, and even though there were only 75 guests in attendance, everything else about it was extravagant. There were outfit changes, a rented white tiger, and some of the rapper's closest friends bringing their style A-game. Peep below to see killer highlights, and it'll be like you were there, too.

1. The Midas touch

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A wedding at the Versace mansion demands extravagance, and Monica delivered. She rocked a velvet, gold dress and looked like a stylish award show trophy come to life.

2. Bridal whites

A bride may be the only person traditionally allowed to wear white at a wedding, but since it's 2 Chainz, we knew he'd switch it up. Kesha stunned a white, mermaid silhouette before switching into a beaded, flapper-inspired dress while 2 Chainz himself out in a silvery brocade suit with plenty of glittering brooches and diamonds to spare. He also rented an alarming chill white tiger, which matched his and Kesha's looks perfectly.

3. Good genes

No self-respecting bride and groom would stay in the same outfit throughout the evening, and the couple switched it up mid-way through. Kesha opted for a flowing, red lace gown to match her three, crimson-clad children, while 2 Chainz livened up a head-to-toe black fit with a glimmering gold tuxedo jacket and matching loafers.

4. Klassic Kim

If there's one constant in the world, it's that Kim Kardashian will pull up to an event to redefine the limits of an hourglass figure. 2 Chainz's wedding was no exception, and she brought the bright Miami flair with a lime green, skintight latex gown from her go-to for the material, Atsuko Kudo.

5. Black tie house shoes

We're truly so sorry to make a "What are thooooooose?" reference in 2018, but Kanye West left us no choice by pairing his sage green Louis Vuitton suit from Virgil Abloh's forthcoming collection with Yeezy slides.

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6. Wholesome Wayne

Lil Wayne kept it low-key with a black bowtie, an untucked white button-up, and a big ass grin.

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Everyone at 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward’s wedding brought the glitz