Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm hits the track in “Crossfire” video

Lots of fire and flames.

August 20, 2018

Nai Palm, the singer from Australian Neo-soul outfit Hiatus Kaiyote, made major waves this summer when she guested on Drake's Scorpion. She's the singer behind the mysterious vocal that sings Aaliyah's "More Than a Woman" on "Is There More." Her own music is equally as transfixing as her guest spots though — take the slow-burner "Crossfire" for example. In the video for the track, premiering on The FADER today, Nai Palm shreds on her guitar on set at a racetrack. You've just got to watch it for yourself and take in all of the insanity that transpires.


In an email, Nai Palm gave us all the info on the shoot.

""Crossfire" is the second chapter in my visual directorial debut and is an ode to old Australian car cinema. Quentin Tarantino references this esthetic in a lot of his films, and for the final colour grading, John Fish Productions and I referenced Death Proof as a source of inspiration. It was important to me to shoot somewhere undeniably Australian with its rustic charm. The stunt woman, Cat Scobie, is an old friend of mine from back in the days when I used to party all night under bridges/warehouses with carnies and beloved delinquents. It is important to me to share with an international audience the plethora of talent and inspiration that I was blessed to grow up around. All “pyrotechnics " were done by me. Basically, I worked out that making videos is a great excuse to set shit on fire, haha."

"The stunt driver, Kenno, is the real MVP of the whole clip, as he was a local just down for the cause. He really is the reason this all came together. I would also like to give a special shout out to Wangaratta Speedway for being so hospitable and accommodating. This video was a labor of love on a super modest budget, and made possible by borrowing from local costume and vintage legends—Vintage Garage, Edgely and Rose Chong Costumes, where I spent much of my childhood, as my foster carer was a head seamstress there. This clip was full circle local pride and super fun to make. I hope you dig it. Finally for those who don't know "FANG IT”, it is Australian car culture slang for something like “full throttle” or “drive like you stole it”.

Hiatus Kaiyote’s Nai Palm hits the track in “Crossfire” video