Go behind the scenes of OMB Peezy’s Loyalty Over Love

The Sacramento-via-Mobile rapper explains the meaning behind the title of his new project.

August 21, 2018

Since breaking out with "Lay Down" in 2017, OMB Peezy hasn't stopped working. The Mobile, Alabama native, who moved to Sacramento, California with his family as a teen, has crisscrossed the country on tours with SOB X RBE, Mozzy, Tee Grizzley, and others, and has released collaborative projects with Cardo Got Wings as well as Sherwood Marty.


All of this has led to his debut full-length project, Loyalty Over Love, released on August 10. Boosie is a strong influence on the 21-year-old, and, like the Baton Rouge rapper's catalog, Loyalty Over Love provides a song to fit every high and low between pain, anger, and joy.

In a new mini-doc, which premieres on The FADER today, Peezy explains the meaning behind the title. "I named my project that because any time I went to jail, I really saw who had love for me," Peezy told The FADER. "People said they had love for me but they showed their true colors when I went away. And then others proved that they were loyal. That’s why I’d rather someone be loyal than claim that they love me.”

Go behind the scenes of OMB Peezy’s Loyalty Over Love