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Watch Young M.A’s fantastic five-minute freestyle

For the L.A. Leakers.

August 21, 2018

Young M.A is one of the most charismatic rappers alive, and she puts that gift to use in her bars as well. Her new five-minute freestyle for the L.A. Leakers, which dropped on Monday, is pure off-the-top fire to the beat for Busta Rhymes's 1997 classic "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See." At one point near the end, M.A asks the Leakers to edit the video to hide a brand that she brings into frame for a second. "No free endorsements," she laughs. Sure, there's probably a legal dimension to it, but M.A's shrewd enough to know that companies should pay to be associated with the quality she's spitting. Watch it above then check out Young M.A's wonderful recent single "PettyWap."

Watch Young M.A’s fantastic five-minute freestyle