Yung Lean a.k.a jonatan leandoer127 shares new video “Vampire Blues”

The rapper has returned to his experimental alias, and will soon debut a dance performance in Sweden.

August 22, 2018

Yung Lean might be chiefly known as the Swedish rapper who swerved meme status to become a compelling artist, but his fans also know him as jonatan leandoer127. That's his experimental alias, which has popped up on work with Dean Blunt, a couple of EPs, and a closely-watched YouTube channel. Today, leandoer127 shares a new song "Vampire Blues," a piano driven tavern dirge with a video that adds to the work's Anne Rice-meets-early-YouTube vibes.


Leandoer's upcoming projects include two sold-out performances of NEAR, a dance piece created in collaboration with Swedish company Cullbergbaletten and choreographer Eleanor Bauer. The show takes place in Stockholm at Dramaten on September 13–14. "The performance creates a extraordinary world inspired by Bauer and Håstad's shared love for poetry and fantasy," according to a press release. Check out some photos below.