Watch WSTRN’s “Sharna” video if you’re still dreaming of a summer getaway

The U.K. group shot its new video in Kenya.

August 23, 2018

WSTRN has released a steady stream of hook-filled and vibey singles so far in 2018. "Sharna," their latest, might just be their best so far. The track is built around an instant earworm from the melodically gifted Haile while both he and his partner Louis rap over a gentle, Caribbean-inspired beat. Honestly, it's hard to imagine summer will end when the song is playing.


For the "Sharna" video, premiering today via The FADER, WSTRN headed to Kenya. The shoot captures two distinct sides of the country, showing both the idyllic white sand and crystal clear water by the beach and the families facing the hardship of life in the impoverished towns. It's this stark contrast that the group was keen to capture, rather than painting a one-sided picture of the African country.

Speaking to The FADER via email, WSTRN said: “'Sharna' came about from simply vibing together in our studio in west London whilst we’ve been working on our debut project... the beat was already made and the chorus just flowed. We knew it was special the moment it was laid down.”

“Shooting the video in Kenya was an incredible experience. We were out there to headline a festival a few weeks back and thought why not use the opportunity to capture the country's beauty? We tried to show a few different sides of Kenya, from the beaches in Mombasa to the Slums of Kibera in the capital city Nairobi. All very different, but equally striking.”

Thumbnail image courtesy of Ray Fiasco.

Watch WSTRN’s “Sharna” video if you’re still dreaming of a summer getaway