Watch Janet Jackson’s tingly, insightful ASMR interview

She softly answered a few questions for 102.7KIISFM.

August 27, 2018

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is phenomenon wherein certain soft sounds trigger tingling sensations in the bodies of certain listeners. It has a huge following online of both sincere devotees and meme freaks, which might be why 102.7KIISFM got Janet Jackson to do an interview and answer the questions with the low tones, pops, and crinkling noises that so many people love. The answers themselves are revealing too: Janet's favorite musicians at the moment are Daniel Caesar, H.E.R., and SZA, and she hopes to collaborate soon with Bruno Mars.


Check it out above and watch the video for Janet's new single "Made For Now" with Daddy Yankee here. For more ASMR, you can see Cardi B give it a try and read our interview with ASMR YouTube personality ASMRTheChew.

Watch Janet Jackson’s tingly, insightful ASMR interview