Kanye West is in Chicago to make Chance The Rapper’s new album

And to pay tribute to Michael Jackson.

August 30, 2018

Kanye West gave a typically frank and open interview to 107.5 WGCI Chicago on Wednesday in which he apologized for his comments on slavery and also gave an update on his relationship with Drake. It turns out Kanye is back home to record with Chance The Rapper, something both artists discussed earlier this summer.


Speaking to reporters outside the 107.5 WGCI studio on Wednesday, Kanye said "I came home to work with Chance [the Rapper] on his new album." A few hours earlier he was pictured with Chance and Zaytoven in a nearby recording studion.

Wednesday also marked what would have been Michael Jackson's 60th birthday. Kanye didn't let the moment pass without ackknowledgement and has tweeted a clip of himself chopping up a version of "Never Can Say Goodbye," a song originally released by the Jackson 5 in 1971 and subsequently re-recorded by Jackson as a solo artist in 1987.

Chance The Rapper's last album, Coloring Book, was released in 2016. In July he shared four new songs. Kanye, meanwhile, released ye in June and also appears alongside Kid Cudi on the collaborative Kids See Ghosts album.

Kanye West is in Chicago to make Chance The Rapper’s new album