Blockboi Twitch’s “The Motive” is a hustler’s anthem

The Toronto native’s Chances The Mixtape is out soon.

August 31, 2018

Blockboi Twitch hails from Toronto, Canada, but he creates hard-hitting music that can be felt far beyond his home on the city's west end. Having put out a few songs in 2018 — with his latest release "Problems" being featured on Drake's OVO Sound Radio — Twitch is back again today with a new song and music video "The Motive," premiering on The FADER.


The track highlights the Toronto native's laid-back, mafioso-style tone, mixed with cutthroat raps about enduring grimy street life and making it out of the city through music. It makes even my nerd ass feel like a born hustler.

"The 'Motive' music video was made to showcase the environment I was raised in. It's about living through and dealing with the struggles of life growing up in the west end of the city," Blockboi Twitch told FADER via email.

Watch "The Motive" video above.

Blockboi Twitch’s “The Motive” is a hustler’s anthem