Spencer.’s soulful “Want U Back” will make you wanna text your ex

But don’t actually do it.

August 31, 2018

Spencer., is 19, from Rochester, NY, has co-signs from Brockhampton and Omar Apollo, and his new song is making me want to possibly make certain decisions — like texting people I shouldn't. "Want U Back" is a sweet and soulful bop made up of very pretty guitar plucking and occasional vocal glitches that provide an ear-catching layer of texture. It's very easy to fall victim to his warm-toned vocals and find yourself agreeing that you also, want a person back — but don't pick up your phone! Let the song play out and maybe go read a book until the urge goes away.


"Want U Back" is the first single from Spencer.'s forthcoming EP, due out September 28. He writes to us via email that the song was made "in my basement earlier this year while messing around with some chords, it was right after I chilled with this girl almost every day over winter break. Right when she went back to school was when I started writing Want U Back, and the melody and theme made sense to me almost immediately. It's a bit different then the other music I've released before but I’m excited to show some different sides of my production and voice, and super eager for the whole EP to come out on September 28th!” Hear "Want U Back" above.

Spencer.’s soulful “Want U Back” will make you wanna text your ex