The Blancos team up with Joyner Lucas for “We’re Tired” video

It’s a metaphor.

September 06, 2018

In an email to The FADER, Brooklyn duo The Blancos spoke about their "We're Tired" video, a collab with rapper Joyner Lucas, with fervor. “The video is metaphorical," they said. "It delivers an inspiring story of oppression and it’s struggles. The characters are trapped in their own home, which represents the closed mindedness of society. They are stuck in one moment in time not realizing there is a life much different outside their walls. The video is about rising up and taking a stand for what is right.”


The clip for the boot stomp-y track is a high-budget affair that frames the big-message song nicely. On the message of the song, The Blancos said: "We have all become so lost in our modern day political battle of left against right that we’ve forgotten our humanity. Many of us have lost our sensibility to see beyond our beliefs. Blood has been shed, children have been taken from their mothers. The world has changed. We have been the dominant catalyst, yet we collectively refuse to make many of the necessary adjustments to go along with it. We make music...a lot of it. Our music spans a wide variety of topics and genres, but this song is our PSA. We’re fed up. We’re tired of this mess.”

Thumbnail image via The Blancos

The Blancos team up with Joyner Lucas for “We’re Tired” video