Camper created supernatural avatars for its fall/winter campaign

The eternal fight of good versus evil, but make it fashion.

September 06, 2018

At this point everyone should know that Camper is cool as hell. The Spanish footwear line built off its historically comfortable shoes, adding funky silhouettes and refreshing pops of color to make each pair a standout. But the line didn't stop at just revamping their collections — the campaigns are just as enticing as the footwear.

For its fall/winter collection, Camper followed up their kooky spring/summer campaign with another banger: nine supernatural and post-apocalyptic avatars to match the shoes. Like all mythical universes before it, the characters range from good-doers, evil villains, and the casual chaotic neutral, all complete with a series of facts and, duh, a backstory. From the steampunk, Mad Max-adjacent Terra Thelma to the sleek, "soul-splitting" mutant Cloud Pix, the campaign provides plenty to explore while adding a new layer to each shoe style. See the avatars below, and explore their backstories and respective shoes here.


Posted: September 06, 2018