Watch Ragz Originale’s dramatic “Disaronno Straight” video

The U.K. artist’s new video was inspired by Natural Born Killers.

September 11, 2018

Ragz Originale is a London-based producer and artist who will release his debut album, Nature, via Mini Kingz on October 12. "Disaronno Straight" is the lead single from the project and comes accompanied by a rain-soaked video, premiering above via The FADER.


The single's introspective and soulful vibe is complimented by a video in which Ragz and his partner go on the run together. Flashback scenes hinting at why they were on the lam, one involving a bloody knife, are cut in alongside the cinematic, neon-hued visuals.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Ragz said: "I'm quite lucky because 'Disaronno Straight' was one of the last songs I made before handing in my album. I had the drum-loop in my head for over 2 days. The following day, after a few drinks, I started reflecting on close calls in my life, good and bad. Around 3 a.m. in studio, the chorus melody was born. This is the sound of my tipsy conscience, mixed with pain at stupid o'clock.

I sent the song to [director] Jay Green and told him it's epic or nothing. He sent back a treatment that completely blew me away. Inspired by the classic 90's film Natural Born Killers. Alongside my dazzling partner in crime Eva Apio, Welcome to my rendition of Bonnie & Clyde!

Check out the "Disaronno Straight" video above.

Watch Ragz Originale’s dramatic “Disaronno Straight” video