16 songs you’re sleeping on right now

This is our attempt at balancing the universe.

September 11, 2018
16 songs you’re sleeping on right now

Each month The FADER staff rounds up the songs we wish more people were playing. Here they are, in no particular order.

Nai Palm, "Crossfire"

A truly beautiful and soothing song from Hiatus Kaiyote's lead singer. — Juliana

Ray BLK, "Run Run"

Many people have attempted to address the endemic and heartbreaking violence in London through music videos this year but Ray BLK hits the hardest. — David

Ciara f. Tekno, "Freek Me"

"Level Up" and its viral dance challenge are still gaining steam, but Ciara's "Freak Me" should be a lot bigger than it is right now. It's a little Afrobeat bop perfect for an unseasonably warm Autumn breeze. — Myles

Skepta, Suspect, and Shailan, "Stay With It" - 16 songs you’re sleeping on right now

Skepta sounds as comfortable as ever, sharing the track with two up-and-comers and easily carrying the load. The song's hook is just incredible ("I'm so icy, man wanna pree me 24/7") and definitely makes me feel like a true road man. — Wandera

Shamana, "Soundcloud"

The Twitch streamer/producer's beats take the distorted punk energy hip-hop's currently enamored with and gives it a spectral, ambient spin – thundercloud rap, maybe. "Soundcloud," a remix of Lil Baby and Drake's "Yes Indeed," comes after Shamana's solid July project God and I Worked Things Out. — Jordan

Tirzah, "Holding On"

Tirzah, in collaboration with Mica Levi, makes the kinda music I’d want to make if I made music — effortless feeling, pretty and sometimes simultaneously heartbreaking, not conventionally perfect, actually saying something, and broadcast directly from her damn heart. Her album was covered a bunch so perhaps not technically slept on, but “Holding On” is a more upbeat track from the album that I pray someone drops at a party when I’m at peak happy-lit levels, on the dance floor with people I love. — Nazuk

NyNy, "Wake It Up"

This song is the full version of a snippet I saw on NyNy's IG story a while back, and thank goodness she dropped it! This shit is catchy as hell! I can't wait till she really raps from her whole diaphragm, but until then I'll still be stanning because she rules and has zingy bars that I love and would like to send directly to lame dudes. Examples: "How you hella cute but you broke?" or "I don't wanna be your girl / treat me like an ATM / gimme all your money." — Nazuk

Tomberlin, “Any Other Way”

“You said I was brave, but I just feel insane.” (Same except nobody says I’m brave.) — Duncan

Sir Babygirl, "Heels"

I found this song while bumming around on a pop music forum and was immediately hooked by the power of Kelsie Hogue's voice. If you can listen to this song and not want to scream along when Hogue sings, "I changed my hair! I changed my hair! I changed my nyaAAHHHHHHHHH!" you are stronger than I am. — Olivia

Leikeli47, "Girl Blunt"

Idk what a "girl blunt" is but Leikeli47 makes a convincing case on this loosie off the Insecure Season 3 soundtrack. — Rawiya

Q Da Fool, "Thoroughbred"

One of the DMV's hottest rappers tries his hand at a Detroit type beat. He succeeds. — Lawrence

BAKERSTEEZ, "Beast Freestyle"

Some gravely, overlooked trap out of Kingston. — Lawrence

Bandhunta Izzy, Icey Mike, and Young Crazy, "2 Rings"

It's not often that Baltimore City and Norfolk, Virginia come together, but this track with Bandhunta Izzy, Icey Mike, and Young Crazy makes a case for it needing to happen with more regularity. — Lawrence

Aflacko, "Loyal"

A real beautiful combination of Chief Keef-like catchy mumbles and a downtempo boom bap beat. — Ben

Dilly Dally, "Doom"

The Toronto rock group go sludge metal on the second track on their upcoming album Heaven. Katie Monks sings the chorus like her vocal chords are fingernails clawing to a cliff's edge. The range is real, and raw. — Jordan

Weakened Friends, "Blue Again"

As fall encroaches, so does cuffing season and dread. This song from the Portland, Maine band sounds like walking on crunchy leaves after a one-night-stand where you said something dumb on your way out the door. — Olivia

16 songs you’re sleeping on right now