Body Type’s “Palms” breathes new life into garage rock

The Australian band will release its debut EP on October 19.

September 13, 2018

Sydney-based band Body Type make melodic garage rock with effortlessly cool vocals and guitars that will make you wish the summer could last forever. Their new song "Palms," a video for which is premiering above, is a perfect introduction to their instantly catchy sound. It's also the lead single from the band's debut EP, due for release on October 19.


Speaking about the song, lead vocalist Sophie McComish says, “'Palms' comes from observing moments of concatenation, when everything in your life lines up in a way that feels like the universe is trying to tell you something. Ultimately though, regardless of whether you are in control of your own fate or if Lady Destiny might have something to do with it doesn’t really matter, the world still turns."

Check out the "Palms" video above.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Dakota Gordon.

Body Type's self-titled EP is available to pre-order now.
Body Type’s “Palms” breathes new life into garage rock