Farao’s “Marry Me” video is prime Soviet-era aerobics aesthetics

A vibe.

September 13, 2018

Norwegian synth-pop artist Farao has created the perfect and most visually appealing world within her newest music video. "Marry Me," the latest single from her upcoming album Pure-O, depicts an organized, neutrals-forward world where everyone does aerobics in sync against an empty industrial backdrop. It is all quite enthralling to watch, and thoroughly pleasing to my Virgo disposition. Sonically, the track also leans industrial. Awash with Soviet-era synthesizers (Farao began collecting them after falling in love with Soviet disco), the track flows forward in digital swells. It's a luxe, extremely refined symphony for your ears; you'll almost miss the fact that Farao's singing about the toxicity inherent in marrying somebody.


She writes via email that the song is "about the neurotic impulse to want to possess a person through the institution of marriage, ultimately trying to escape yourself by attaching to others.” Delightfully dark stuff.

Farao’s “Marry Me” video is prime Soviet-era aerobics aesthetics