Full Crate and Luke Burr contemplate the past in “A Fool Getting Older”

Watch Full Crate and Luke Burr dive deeper into soul and introspection.

September 22, 2018

There's nothing like introspective tunes to make fall really official. Artist Full Crate recently dropped the visual for his latest single "A Fool Getting Older", the second from his project, Still Growing. Most recently, his song "Yeah" was used in Rihanna's Savage x Fenty show at NYFW, but his latest takes a step back from his electro roots and deeper into soul and R&B.


While he produced, co-wrote and provided vocals for the record alongside London singer-songwriter Luke Burr, the stripped down, soulful song offered up the perfect backdrop for a full choir on its hook.

Crate, who also took the reigns as the video's director, told The FADER more about the visual. "It's my version of 'You don't know what you got til it's gone.' One minute, you're young and have everything you could want, the next minute life is just kind of passing you by," he said. "It's also about mental health in terms of that stress and societal pressure that comes with getting to a certain age and not reaching certain goals you set for yourself." The stunning visual also has touches of surrealism thrown into the mix. "I'm every member of the band in the video, and Luke is duplicated too. That represents all the versions of yourself. All of the choices you can make in life and all of its outcomes."

Watch the clip above and stream Still Growing below.

Full Crate and Luke Burr contemplate the past in “A Fool Getting Older”