Watch LOWFi’s chilling video for “Earth Don’t Deserve Me”

Earnest bars from a few gifted teenage storytellers.

September 27, 2018

In 2013, Baltimore rappers Jayy Grams and Von Wilda connected with Florida native Hayelo through The Booth Rap Studio app and ended up making a lasting connection that formed into group LOWFi. Each of the rappers were in their early teens at the time, but had already found their calling for more boom bap-leaning hip-hop, not unlike the artists who came out of Brooklyn's ProEra around the same time. Over the past few years, Grams, Wilda, and Hayelo have made their own solo noise but on October 19, they'll release their first project under LOWFi titled The Allegory.


The kickoff is "Earth Don't Deserve Me," an uptempo single that The FADER is premiering the video for today. The Pinkslip-directed video finds the teenage artists heading off to a peaceful cabin getaway, but the trip quickly turns into a "Thriller"-like horror story, filled with kids-turned-zombies. Watch it above.

Watch LOWFi’s chilling video for “Earth Don’t Deserve Me”