Mack 11’s “OOO” is a thugged-out bounce

Produced by ZTheSavage.

September 28, 2018

Chicago artist Mack 11's music moves in a slightly different direction than the thundering drill sound that has consumed his hometown for the better part of a decade. The 24-year-old instead uses his flow and delivery to create a groovy, almost playful bounce — all while utilizing the same punching drill kick drums, and rumbling 808s. Today, Mack shares the music video to his latest single "OOO," featuring fellow Chicago rapper WhiteLyfe via The FADER.


The song's title is the main line of the hook, and with it, Mack creates a cool-ass bop over the track's eerie, piano-laden beat, produced by ZTheSavage. “White & I was in the studio kicking it, ZTheSavage came thru played some heat," Mack tells FADER via email. "Once I heard that beat I automatically said 'OOO...' It was over with from there."

Watch the "OOO" video above.

Mack 11’s “OOO” is a thugged-out bounce