L CON’s “There Was A Glow” video is a story of love and time-shifting

The Toronto singer/songwriter will bring her latest album Insecurities in Being to Europe this fall.

October 01, 2018

The music video for "“There Was A Glow," from Toronto artist's L CON's new album Insecurities in Being, is better experienced than explained. Director Victoria Long's observations of a young couple at a picnic is staged with a seamless intimacy, heightened by the dreamlike appearances of an old woman. "The video tries to capture the duality of happy memories made painful by subsequent events," Long said in an email. L CON, a self-described "avant-pop" musician whose real name is Lisa Conway, is the ideal artist to soundtrack such a dynamic; her songs carry an enchanting ambiguity to their emotional weight, and "There Was A Glow" sets the listener adrift while grounding them in L CON's skillful interpretation of the singer/songwriter mode.


"This video was a real DIY affair," L CON said in an email, "but we managed to prevail through torrential rains and equipment poltergeists and various scheduling trickiness. I'm so grateful that it exists and to everyone involved who helped make this happen. Such a pleasure to collaborate with Victoria again, and to have friends be up for being a part of it. I really like being involved in the making of videos, but I don't necessarily like being the focus on camera, or lip-syncing - I'm not a very good actor, so would much rather let other people that are better at it be on screen while I'm holding a light or something, or doing craft services. Luckily, there was a picnic component to this one! Lots of snacks to curate :)"

Insecurities in Being is out now. L CON will tour Europe this fall, including an appearance at the Red Bull Music Festival in Berlin on October 7.

L CON tour dates

10/7 - Chausseestrasse 131 (Red Bull Music Festival) - Berlin, DE
10/19 - Links neben der Tanke - Leipzig, DE
10/20 - Institute for Music - Osnabrück, DE
10/22 - Chaff - Brussels, BE
10/24 - Bobuska - Copenhagen, DK
10/25 - Cafe MIR - Oslo, NO*
10/26 - Good Omens - Trondheim, NO*
11/1 - Madame Claude - Berlin, DE

*w/ Synne Sanden


Thumbnail photo by Arden Wray

L CON’s “There Was A Glow” video is a story of love and time-shifting