Relive the best and worst parts of high school by watching this video

Singer songwriter Isaac Dunbar debuts the video for his single “Freshman Year.”

October 02, 2018

Getting through high school was not easy. Fifteen-year-old singer-songwriter Isaac Dunbar is having his turn at it right now, and he's sharing the experience in his newest single, "Freshman Year." It's a sweet lil pop number filled with extremely relatable lyrics. "Fuck you Joe and Casey and even Becca, ew." True. "I know I'm not that good looking but it's only freshman year." True! "Where's my phone, I lost my keys too / Oh wait, I can't drive cause I'm too young to." Very true!! (I still can't drive!)


He's debuting the heartwarming accompanying video for the song today on The FADER. The clip looks like a perfect montage from an 80s teen movie. Even though he's singing about not fitting in and feeling self-conscious, standing in the middle of his group of friends, it looks like he's doing alright.

"Freshman year' is about the unmet expectations I had for my first year of high school," Dunbar writes of the song via email. "I wrote the song in one sitting one day after school, when I was reflecting on the ups and downs of that past year. The song was written during a time when I was feeling hurt, insecure, and witty all at the same time - but it’s simply a collection of memories in the form of song."

Relive the best and worst parts of high school by watching this video