Now, Now share “MJ” video

Plunge into a new dimension with KC Dalager and Brad Hale.

October 02, 2018

Back in May, Now, Now released their long awaited, remarkably consistent third record Saved. Throughout the album cycle, the Minneapolis duo have been adamantly complimenting their neon lacquered sound with equally hued visuals from Alexa San Román. Today, they're sharing a new one for the deceptively catchy "MJ."


The video, which was co-directed by Dalager and San Román, depicts Dalager caught in a potentially dimension altering transaction. Hale reportedly learned video mapping and animation specifically for the clip, which makes its outro all the more impressive. Watch "MJ" above, and peep the band's upcoming tour dates with Hippo Campus below.

Now, Now share “MJ” video