Konradsen make an impression with “Never Say A”

Listen to the debut single by the Norwegian duo.

October 03, 2018
Konradsen make an impression with “Never Say A” Jonathan Bjerstedt

Konradsen are Eirik and Jenny. They make music surrounded by plants and instruments in a bedroom in Oslo, Norway. "Never Say A" is their first release. It's a song filled with ideas from the Sufjan Stevens-esque melancholy piano and fluttering vocals to the gently victorious trumpets that come in around the half-way mark. Konradsen make music that is minimal and maximal in all the right places, suggesting they could go anywhere in the future.


Speaking to The FADER about the song, Konradsen said: "With 'Never Say A' we wanted to show the playful side of this project. We try to combine experimenting with samples, lots of flugelhorn tracks and warm fuzzy vocals. Lyrically, the song is about breaking out of a role that is given to you. “I would never steal your story”. It’s fragments of thoughts you have, expectations and wishes. For us the ending is a summary, where you arrive in a good and dreamy place."

Listen to "Never Say A" below.

Konradsen make an impression with “Never Say A”