Listen to a new FADER Mix by Promnite

Wall-to-wall bass from the Los Angeles-based producer.

October 04, 2018
Listen to a new FADER Mix by Promnite Photo by Israel Ramos

The longstanding FADER Mix series presents new, exclusive DJ mixes from our favorite artists and producers.


This week's FADER Mix comes courtesy of the Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Promnite. Though he's originally from New York, Promnite honed his style of bass-heavy production in and around L.A.'s underground beats scene. Its centrifugal force back then was the community surrounding the now-defunct, forever-legendary Low End Theory party series. "We were so open to push boundaries and create a sound that was different and unique to us that some of us took it into pop music and really paved the way for other artists," remembers Promnite of that era.

These days, he's linking up with artists like Mario and TZAR to create a groovy style of electro- and bass-tinged R&B. This month, Promnite releases Exist on Fools Gold; the EP's titular track is out today. Listen to his FADER Mix below.


What do you imagine people doing while listening to this mix?


I imagine a group of kids from Queens freestyling to this while that one homie who can roll a Backwood does so... Or maybe a group of people posting about the track list on r/trap (hi Reddit). I'd probably listen to this while driving home at like 4 A.M.

Is there a track in particular that stands out? Why?

To be honest I don't think any particular track stands out on its own, but if i was to choose it would be any of the project paradis joints. That's the side project of myself and Mr. Carmack. We been working on stuff for a few years now and finally starting to plan something cool for the project. Other than that this mix i made specifically for the day one's so hopefully everything stands out to them.


What music or artists do you turn to for inspiration when you're working on projects of your own?

Ahh thats so tough. I honestly turn to my peers for inspiration even on a spiritual level when working on my own music. Just having healthy habits, getting sunlight, drinking water, etc is inspiring when working on projects. It's so easy to get stuck in a zone where nothing gets done.. Or I just listen to Lone on repeat.

What are some of your favorite memories of Low End Theory?


There's SOO many memories of Low End Theory, holy shit rest in peace. My favorites being meeting Madlib at the bar, seeing Prince walk in and walk out 'cause there was no VIP section, Mr. Carmack & Djemba Djemba getting kicked out then climbing the fence to watch Great Dane DJ, My first Low End Theory playing before Questlove. There's too many to count. I'll always have so much love and miss Low End Theory, it's irreplaceable.

How did that community inform your approach to music-making?

It helped me really push myself to be different and do better, most of all really key in on my musical identity. There is 100% something about producers who came from that era have going on sound wise. We were so open to push boundaries and create a sound that was different and unique to us that some of us took it into pop music and really paved the way for other artists. I give a lot of my successes and even failures to how much Low End, Team Supreme, etc has influenced me and still continues to influence me.



Promnite, "By Design"
Mr. Carmack, "VOCEM"
Promnite, "Cookinupdope"
Mr. Carmack, "Snow"
Kenny Segal, "Black Gesso"
Mr. Carmack & Promnite, "UPTOWN"
Promnite, "aNYthing"
Promnite, "Mobbdeep"
Mr. Carmack, "BOX"
Project Paradis, "You Can't Run Now"
Promnite, "Love i need"
Promnite, "Ex"
Black Atlas, "Holdin On (Promnite, A-Trak & Starro Remix)"
Promnite, "Through the night"
Promnite, "THREATZ (instrumental)"
Promnite, "Used to be (UNITY) (instrumental)"
Promnite, "Fade (Nell Ver.)"
Project Paradis, ???
Mr. Carmack, "Hummm"
Project Paradis, ???
Christo, "Butterflies"

Listen to a new FADER Mix by Promnite