Alex Lilly recruits the iconic Freckle for “Distracting Me” video


October 23, 2018

We here at The FADER love the work of acting genius Freckle. When news of her teaming up with L.A. rocker Alex Lilly for her “Distracting Me” video hit my inbox, I knew something good was waiting for me. It's a weird Los Angeles fantasy world where the digital realm crosses into real life and there's a lot of cats all around. A surprise bonus was seeing Antonio Marziale — Freckle's co-star from The Gay And Wondrous Life Of Caleb Gallo — in the video, too.


By the way, the video doesn't overshadow the song, which is pretty freaking awesome. Lilly stands out amongst the chaos of the clip, singing sweetly over bright piano.

In an email to The FADER, Alex Lilly broke down how the video came together. "Jason Greene (aka Freckle) had previously killed me in a music video and danced around with my blood. This time I wanted her back in a more playful role as a relentless kitten that pulls me away from my digital addiction," she said. "I already knew I worshipped Freckle but I had never done anything with Antonio Marziale before and he was such a beautiful delight to work with and made the perfect mysterious cat. It was a hot day in Griffith Park so we all started drinking vodka. A few times it seemed we might get shut down by the park rangers but I guess they knew we were making something that rose above petty permits. I remember being concerned at first about the ill-fitting low rent unitards I had purchased on Hollywood Boulevard for my actors, but the cheapness - they spun into camp, and the ill-fittingness, Freckle spun into glorious non-stop nip slips (#nipslip). I am forever grateful to them for their pitch purrrfect performances and to the brilliant cinematographer and director, Nigel DeFriez, who it turns out is also a great kitty wrangler."

Thumbnail via David Black

Alex Lilly recruits the iconic Freckle for “Distracting Me” video