8 actually easy, last-minute Halloween costumes

Ariana Grande fingering a Hurricane, future Best Actress winner Lady Gaga, and more.

October 23, 2018

If you’re like me and have spent every waking minute of 2018 on the internet, you know this year has been certifiably cuckoo. Beyond the doom and gloom of global news, everyone in pop culture has gone off the rails — it’s mildly alarming, but also makes for great Halloween costume inspiration. As the spooky day sneaks up, it’s about to be a race against the clock to cook up a fun costume without dropping too much money on a generic, off-the-rack look. For those looking to save their coins and still stunt at every function, we’ve got you covered with the most important moments of the year in costume form.

1. Rihanna's new album

If you’ve found yourself scouring the internet for a crumb of information regarding when Rihanna’s new album is coming out, you’re not alone. Wear your anguish as a costume this year and scream “Where is it, Rih? Where?” every few minutes to keep it realistic.

How to pull it off:
Fenty Beauty Killawat Highlighter
A slip dress, Savage x Fenty or otherwise
A wine glass (preferably stolen from a restaurant to mimic Bad Gal herself)
Questions marks taped all over your body

2. Ariana Grande fingering a hurricane
Ariana Grande YouTube

Ariana Grande has had quite the year and you don’t need me to recount it for you. What you do need me for to do, however, is remind you of her of her biggest accomplishment: fingering a hurricane into submission. Ariana oh-so-casually digitally penetrated a hurricane in her video for “God Is A Woman,” and I have honestly never been the same since.

How to pull it off:
1 long wig style into a low ponytail
1 printout of a hurricane
Cut a hole out in the hurricane’s eye and get to work

3. Bad Bunny
Rimas/ OVO Sound

The fact that Bad Bunny makes toddler-core overalls look sexy is straight-up brujería at its finest. It’s one of the easiest costumes to put together in a time crunch, but be warned: a true Bad Bunny overall costume requires that you go shirtless.

How to pull it off:
Petite frames, preferably with exaggerated silhouettes and colored lenses
Unparalleled sexual energy

4. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born

Listen, A Star is Born is a perfect film, Lady Gaga needs to win best actress, and Ally’s pop songs are legitimately good. I will hear nothing against it! If you happen to find yourself with a significant other this spooky season, dressing up as Ally and Jackson Maine is the only appropriate couple’s costume. You probably own half the pieces already and all you’d really need are some hats and tons of self-tanner. A star is frugal!

How to pull it off:
Cowboy hats / boots
Beige denim jacket, plain tees
Silky or sheer tops, cheetah print pants
12-14 bottles of facial tanner (key for pulling off an authentic Jackson Maine costume)

5. Mitski on the Be The Cowboy album cover

One of the best albums of the year is Mitski’s Be The Cowboy. Just like its predecessors Puberty 2 and Bury Me At Makeout Creek, Be The Cowboy is another perfect collection of songs to cry to and wonder where exactly things with past loves went awry. Also, what could be more terrifying (and therefore seasonably appropriate) than to honor your emotions in a party setting?

How to pull it off:
A white swim cap
Liquid eyeliner
Red lipstick

6. Justin Bieber circa 2018

Justin Bieber has gone through many a transformation — he’s been a tiny pop prince, a bad boy heartthrob, and the latest iteration, a musty, dusty Florida dad. Justin blows through his phases fairly quickly, so it’s only a matter of time until this breezy style is in his past, so take advantage while you can to be the most comfortable person at the party.

How to pull it off:
Unwashed hair
The crustiest Hawaiian shirt you can get your hands on
A ’70s porn-stache

7. Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos

Everyone knows Halloween is one massive, weekend-long party, but even the most debaucherous of evenings pale in comparison to the partying Lindsay Lohan is doing in Mykonos. The viral video of her lithe frame swaying irregularly at a beachfront club is an image that confuses and thrills me weeks after my initial viewing. It’s a wonderful way to flip your hair around and get wildly inebriated and still be in character.

How to pull it off:
A sparkly jumpsuit
A long red wig
More alcohol than you think necessary

8. Cardi B during NYFW

No music-adjacent list is complete without a mention of Cardi B. The Bronx rapper has had the best year out of everyone on this list: a debut album with 12 platinum songs, a new baby girl, and some of the best looks of the year. What really sets Cardi above the rest, however, is her ability to make fun of herself. She’s posted plenty of memes regarding one of her most iconic moments: leaving the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party looking unbothered even though she had a massive knot on her forehead. Self-aware, comedy queens are the backbone of Halloween!

How to pull it off:
A red gown
A stiletto as a handheld accessory
A forehead knot

Thumbnail via Lady Gaga's Instagram.


8 actually easy, last-minute Halloween costumes