LIZ goes virtual in crazy “Pandemonium” video

“Go dum-diddy-dum-dum, that’s so fetch.”

October 23, 2018

On September's list of best pop songs, we featured LIZ's "Pandemonium, a thumping party song about getting "bubble gum wasted." Today The FADER premiering a pretty wild video for the song that features the singer in a video game world. The clip was directed James Orlando who described the video as a "multi-dimensional journey."


In an email, LIZ explained how she came up with her fantasy digital world. “The fantastical element of gaming goes hand in hand with the aesthetic of my vibe and my music," she said. "My mind is very visual during the process of making songs, and it’s always been a dream of mine to come to life in the alternate reality of a video game."

"I love channelling different characters inside of myself and being ‘extra.’ It just feels natural to me. James has an endearing, wild imagination and a great talent for producing interactive content that’s multi-layered and truly advanced. We’ve been making mood boards and conceptualizing this creative journey for over a year now and I’m glad we’re able to finally share some of what is inside our brains. This video is just the tip of what we have in mind to do eventually on an interactive 360 level.”

LIZ goes virtual in crazy “Pandemonium” video