Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season

It’s the biggest, wildest mood of the year.

October 24, 2018
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about Scorpios. And by heard, I mean you’ve probably been warned. Scorpios are the smoldering, angsty babes of the zodiac. They’re charismatic, intense as hell, and probably too busy brooding to text you back. That is, unless you’ve made it into their highly-curated inner sanctum of trustworthy friends, for whom they’d gladly take a bullet. Every sexy vampire that’s ever existed in the pop culture canon is a Scorpio. Tilda Swinton is a Scorpio. Pete Davidson, with his oft-noted BD, is a Scorpio. Luke from Gilmore Girls is a Scorpio. Drake is a Scorpio. I rest my case.


During Scorpio season, even the most mild-mannered of signs get a big dose of dynamic, passionate energy. If you’ve been feeling a little bored of late (think: falling into the same old routine, feeling uninspired, or dealing with a low libido) this is your time to turn it around and inject excitement into your life. Scorpio season will ignite an inner fire that helps you think bigger, feel more deeply, and radiate stronger magnetic vibes. It’s not always an easy season — especially not after Libra’s breezy, bubbly vibe — but it can be extraordinarily rewarding. Shed all the shallow bullshit that isn’t serving you and go for what you want. Below, find a shopping list for everything you need to make it happen in this powerful moment.

Fuel to keep you up all night
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Amazon

Scorpios tend to do their best work late at night, and so will you this season. Up your P.M. coffee intake and let that wild midnight inspiration find you. You can catch up on sleep...well probably not until Capricorn season, to be honest. Double down on that coffee order.

Pour Over Coffee Carafe, $79.99, at Amazon.

An outlet for all your newfound need for revenge
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season Screenshot via Dimension Films

Scorpio season is a breeding ground for tiny grudges multiplying into all-out warfare. So in the name of not absolutely losing it on your coworkers, friends, exes, or fellow subway riders, vicariously get the angst out of your system via film. Why not start with The Crow? Brandon Lee was a beautiful treasure.

The Crow, $2.99 from Amazon.

Tools to bring artistic revelations to life
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Blick

The influx of feelings in the coming weeks can be a lot to deal with for non-water signs; Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces, on the other hand, don’t know any other way of living. Find the positive side of feeling intensely and channel it into art. The medium doesn’t matter, it’s all about your ability to work with your creativity and emotions instead of suppressing them. Your masterpiece might very well be born in the next few weeks.

Copic Sketch Markers, $125, from Blick.

An Insta-stalker’s arsenal
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via StoriesIG.com

Stalking your brand new object of affection is always a bad idea, but it’s impossible to deny yourself the opportunity to get your investigative rocks off during this season. The flipside of Scorpio passion, after all, is an earned reputation for being a bit possessive and jealous. From now until November 22, there’s really no resisting the tantalizing pull of web sleuthing. This app will help.

StoriesIG.com, free.

And more sex stuff
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Spectrum

Just to really drive this point home, this is also a good time to explore your sexual boundaries with an enthusiastic, consenting partner. You’ll likely be feeling more experimental and, well, brave than normal. Test out a fantasy you’ve been toying with. Oh, and definitely come up with a safe word.

Crimson Heart Riding Crop, $25 from Spectrum.

Sex stuff
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Lelo

Would this even be a real Scorpio season starter pack if I didn’t mention their sexually-charged reputation? This might be low-hanging fruit, but indulging in a heady sexual appetite this season will be more than rewarding. Sex can have an especially transformative quality right now, so find a trusting partner and get it.

Lelo Hex Condoms, $34.90 from Lelo.

Something soft and nostalgia-inducing to share with friends (yes, really)
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Collective

Underneath all their stylish, hard-edged exteriors, Scorpios are shockingly soft. You might find yourself yearning for the tender, nurturing company of friends who’ve known you for years. Gather these time-honored day-ones and do something utterly wholesome with them.

Collective Governors Island Retreats, from $99.

Headphones that block out the rest of the world
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Ed Banger

Cutting ties with that which does not serve you — people, obligations, habits — will be a theme this season. Scorpio’s propensity for long periods of introspection (sorry for calling it brooding earlier, Scorpios), usually lead to these sort of revelations. Invest in headphones that aid in quiet, uninterrupted thinking time.

TMA Headphones, $225 from Ed Banger.

A PVC look
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via Opening Ceremony

Pulling off a PVC look — especially outside the dark, pulsing confines of a rave — is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of gumption this season when it comes to taking big, bold fashion risks. Go ahead and let your inner club demon out; come Sagittarius season you can revert back to markedly more practical sartorial choices.

Thor Tpu Vinyl Trousers, $490 at Opening Ceremony.

A long, black Matrix trench coat
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season via ADER ERROR
Everything you need to thrive this Scorpio season