Asian Doll goes Mad Maxine in her “First Off” video

The First Lady of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records shares new visuals from her So Icy Princess project.

October 25, 2018

Asian Doll, the Dallas rapper signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Records, dropped her project So Icy Princess on the appropriate day of October 17, or 10/17. The second track and first song proper "First Off" gets things going with a nu-metal colored explosion as A.D. draws a line in the sand with a Louboutin heel. The video above, premiering on The FADER visualizes Asian Doll's struggle against just one of her haters with an apocalyptic and Hype Williams-y flair.


"I wanted to separate myself from everybody else because I’m da hardest," Asian Doll told The FADER over email. "The record is a strong, valuable, unapologetic message and so for the video I wanted to expresses myself with bright colors, each scene giving you different vibes. I wanted fans to see how much haters watch me but fear me at the same time. I’m not calling nobody out or being disrespectful. I’m simply stating facts: I’m the hardest doll."

She also mentioned that with So Icy Princess, "I gave the streets what they needed, and I can’t turn my back on who needs it the most. I want them to really know the rules to being a loyal person, not just to others but to yourself. And if that’s just saying 'one day I'ma be this,' I really do it believe & know that you can too."

Thumbnail photo by Royal Eyez

Asian Doll goes Mad Maxine in her “First Off” video