Rai-Elle’s “KSB (Always On My Mind” captures the feelings of a crush perfectly

Watch the debut video from the London-based R&B singer.

October 25, 2018

"Your smile ignites my soul, I think I'm falling," U.K. artist Rai-Elle sings over space-age synths, capturing the headrush of emotions a new relationship can bring on. Later in “KSB (Always On My Mind”), lit up by sparse but soulful guitar licks, she reluctantly admits her feelings: "You're kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much, always on my mind."


It's a confident debut from the London-based R&B singer, who some may recognize from the 2017 series of X Factor in the U.K. She's freshly signed to Moves, a label that has previously released music from Belly Squad, Afro B and Naira Marley. The “KSB (Always On My Mind” video reflects her tight friendship group, showing her and her girls shopping, getting their hair done, and hanging out on the basketball court

Speaking to The FADER about her first single and music video, Rai-Elle said: “When people listen to this song I want them to instantly think of that one thing or person that brings them happiness.

"This song is uplifting and the aim was to reflect that in the video. Everything was thought out, from the bright colours throughout the video to the natural vibe and bond between me and my girls, it all depicts the mood of the song which is energetic and enjoyable! Also the idea of the person being on my mind and me imagining them 24/7 is something everyone can relate to... sometimes you sit there and think about a person and that’s okay!"

Check out the "KSB (Always On My Mind)" video above.

Rai-Elle’s “KSB (Always On My Mind” captures the feelings of a crush perfectly