Conan Gray’s “Crush Culture” is an anti-love song for jaded souls

Watch the bedroom pop star’s comedic new video.

October 26, 2018

Conan Gray's new single is for everyone who has ever got a text and been left disappointed when it turned out to be from their service provider. "Crush Culture" is two fingers up to all the happy couples in the world and its video, premiering above, revels in spoiling the party for those people.


In the video Conan makes his way through theschool halls interrupting dates and intimate moments wherever he sees the. Ripping up love letters and throwing picnic food in the air, it's a camp and dramatic visualization of envy and teenage hormones.

Speaking to The FADER about his new song and video, Conan said: “I wrote ‘Crush Culture’ for my fellow heartbroken single people. I've been single for all of my 19 years of my life—haven't even had my first kiss yet! Meanwhile, all of my friends have burned through several heart-throbbing, mushy-gushy, morbidly loving relationships; all while I watched longingly from the sidelines. Eventually, I’d just gotten so sick of watching everyone around me being in love. It's gotten to a point where when I see people who are in love, I get so bitter from my lack of love that I just want to destroy every relationship in sight (hence the music video of me ruining people’s dates). Since I can't be in love, no one can—that was my logic. I wanted to write a song for the loveless, thus ‘Crush Culture’ was born.”

Check out the video above. Conan's Sunset Season EP is out November 16 and he's on tour from the end of October.

Conan Gray’s “Crush Culture” is an anti-love song for jaded souls